Friday, June 19, 2009

The Treasured Past... ( IV )

...wherein needles are lost in haystacks.

Where I have expounded on the use/viability of the Panzerduck example, modeling such an item is proving to be a monumental task. As stated before, the few examples of artwork I have, involve either the legs attaching directly to the turret, or in more evolved examples, the turret sits above the top of the hip. RAFM has a short list of light tanks, but most of this idea came out after the introduction of Battlefront Miniatures, "Flames of War." The cast resin tanks are perfect for executing the idea, as the turret is removable.

However, where to find the walker legs? My primary idea was to scavenge parts from Battletech miniatures. So I hit up the Iron Wind Metals website, and was stunned. All of the miniature pictures are either studio or staff pained examples! Painted! Awesome! That's what I thought until I sought to enlarge the image. While all the pictures are painted and photographed, they are also very small. The page is programmed to return you to the top of the page you left, so there was a lot of scrolling and re-scrolling back to where I was.

From the dinky pictures, and from a Battletech wiki-like page, I boiled the entire Iron Wind Battletech catalog down to thirty-five possible examples I might use. Thirty-five! I guess I should be relieved it was only 35. Costing between 10 and 20 dollars each, I am still not sure how to proceed in evaluating which I could use.

Then another day dawned....

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