Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Treasured Past... ( III )

...where the future is revealed.

Well, OK. Maybe not the future. I can see from the raging list of ba-zillionz of followers that I am as John the Baptist in the wilderness. But, hey, it's my blog, n'est-ce pas?

So, the future came after an impulse purchase of the GK:Wargaming Companion. At that time, I got it for a song in a second hand bin, and after flipping through it, I discovered, as with all Dream Pod 9 products, it had a depth and flavor, that regularly boggles the brain pan. After several years away from the game, this was the volume that rekindled the interest. It continually referenced items that were not detailed in this volume, however. The Canal Defense Light, German heavy lasers, Russian lend-lease walkers, etc. All things that looked like they were written from some source text. So, I went looking for it.

And I found it. GK: Fighting Vehicles of the Modern Age. 80 pages of droolingly good vehicles, variants, and weapon swap-outs. This is the only volume I could find details of the Donner and Uller class German heavy walkers, as well as the Russian G-27, and some of the Japanese machines. There is also a size comparison chart in the back, with several picture only ideas for future modeling, like the IS-2 with scattering field generator, and the U.S. General Jackson. Between this book, and the GK:Allied and Axis weapon packs, there would be much walking vehicle related mayhem for some time to come.

Now, the down side, the book is poorly spell checked and the text in the color picture section doesn't match the accompanying picture. But it was enough to get the old synapses firing. kaff-kaff-wheeze You young whippersnappers!

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